Insect Control

There are several insects that can affect your turf grass. The two most common insects that will have a negative effect on your lawn are the Chinch bug and White grubs.

If you suspect that your lawn is under attack from insects, we can help. We have many treatment options that we can offer to get your lawn back on track. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We can identify the problem and start working towards a solution so you can get back to enjoying you’re healthy, lush outdoor living space

Grubs are often found just below the surface, feeding on the roots of turf grass. A grub infested area can result in a lawn that appears to have drought damage. Skunks and racoons will create secondary damage to a lawn by prodding and ripping up the lawn to feed on the grubs below. Damage from critter digging is most pronounced in the early spring & late fall

White Grubs

Chinch bugs overwinter in leaf litter, emerging in late spring, and begin laying eggs in your lawn thatch. The new nymphs feed on lush lawns and generally go unnoticed until lawn growth begins to slow from hot and dry weather. Symptoms include dry, brown patchy areas. Call us for diagnosis and treatment options.

Chinch Bug

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